NEVS 9-3N being certified in Holland

Last monday a pair of 9-3Ns were sent down to Holland in order to get them Euro 5B+ Certified. The dutch authorities have an excellent facility for testing and certification and its the location where Saab Automobile AB also used to get their cars certified.

The certification process is described in this article: and usually lasts for a few days.

According to sources to SU the engine used for the certification is the same Direct Injection engine from GM which was introduced in the 2012 Saab 9-3 Griffin but could also be found in the NG 9-5. A very good engine which has received a lot of good reviews from the media both in terms of power and good fuel consumption.

That the car is being certified in Holland means that it will get a “Euro” approval and thus can theoretically be registered in any EU country. However so far no news from any of the retailers that we are in contact with gives any indication that a deal to sell cars has been made or is even in the works.